As a Certified Resume Writer and Career Strategist, I take immense pride in the career success and growth of thousands of my clients and the strong relationships forged by taking the time to understand their experience and career goals, and develop the tools (resumes, letters, bios, profiles, etc.) to help achieve those goals.  Whether you are seeking a better job, a new position, a promotion, career advancement, a new opportunity or professional development, I can create the level of personal marketing documents that best support your career aspirations.

Resume Writing for Middle-Careers

If you are an experienced individual with more than 3 years of experience in any industry or business sector; then this resume package is ideal for you.  Check out pricing for resume editing and enhancing, resume development from scratch or complete re-write, including, writing process and turnaround time.  Get professional feedback on your resume; call me at 416.438.3606.

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Resume Writing for Technical Careers

This level of Service is for individuals in professions such as engineering, science and technology, health/medical sciences, information technology, oil & gas, mining, pharmaceutical, all areas of trades, architecture, drafting, and other technical professions.  Having written thousands of resumes in the above career fields, I am able to best understand and represent your technical experience and competence in the most advantageous manner to potential employers.  Call me for free resume critique.

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Resume Writing for Management and Executive Level Careers

Looking to drive your your career to the next level, perhaps a new challenge or a seat on the Board?  Are you a senior executive seeking an appointment or other leadership opportunities?  I can craft a highly impressive CV/Resume or Professional Bio that best demonstrate your expertise, business success and core competencies to align with your objective, and the requirements of the types of roles/opportunities you are pursing.  Call me at 416.438.3606 for a no obligation, telephone or one-on-one career discussion.

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Resume Writing for Entry Level Careers

Start your career off in the right direction with a professional resume and cover letter.  To grab employer attention, your resume must clearly articulate the skills, knowledge and capabilities acquired through your education and volunteer work, as well as demonstrate your enthusiasm to learn and collaborate with others to drive task completion.  Email me your resume for a free review.

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Cover Letters and Other Career Writing Services

Check here for cover letters (job specific and general) and other career services, including pricing, turnaround time and process.  Additional services include admission applications to graduate studies/programs, application for professional designations, company bios, business profiles, speech writing, career consulting, and other career services/writing.

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Interview Skills Coaching 

A great resume gets their attention—a polished interview gets you hired!  My one-on-one mock interview coaching takes you through the important aspects of interviewing (very well) for the positions you are interested in.

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