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The cover letter is a key marketing tool in your job search strategy, and perhaps the first and only opportunity to engage and convince potential employers to recognize the value you can bring to their company.  The primary purpose of the cover letter is to captivate the attention of the potential employer with snippets of your background; particularly those areas that are in line with the requirements of the job you are targeting.


From the first paragraph, a well-crafted cover letter would allow you to grab the attention of a potential employer, help you to stand out from the other applicants, and assist you in securing the all-important interview that may lead to getting the job.  Rather than state the obvious, it is a good idea to begin your cover letter with a statement that shows you understand the industry, the requirements of the job, and/or the culture of the organization you are targeting.  This approach leaves little chances for your application to be dismissed immediately.  Instead, it could allow you to intrigue the reader and make them want to know more about your candidacy for the position.  One should also consider that due to the factual content and approach of the resume, some areas of your background, though critical, are not easily captured in your resume.  For this reason, the cover letter is an excellent vehicle to communicate some of your soft skills, personality traits and likability factors as well as your enthusiasm for the job.  Lastly, the importance of your cover letter is directly proportional to the significance of the job.  Thus, the more important the job is to you, the more important your cover letter is to the application process.

Pricing and Process

Job-Specific Cover Letters: Editing/Enhancing or Development from scratch $75 to $95

Process: review of the position description and your resume to best align your experience and skill sets with the requirements of the job.

Thank You Letter, Reference Letter and Resignation Letter: Editing/Enhancing or Development from scratch $60 to $95

Process: discussion of your needs and review of your experience to get a better handle of the situation (or the interview) in order to create a compelling letter/document.

Other Letters and Personal Statements: Editing/Enhancing or Development from scratch $75 to $195

Process: discussion of your needs and purpose of the letter in order to develop an effective letter/document.

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  • Admission applications for graduate programs
  • Application for Professional designations
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